RouteCTRLTM for Dynamics 365

RouteCTRL is a robust platform of integrated applications designed

to provide businesses with an out-of-the-box solution to digitally manage and track order fulfilment processes in real-time from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 will revolutionize the way you manage your order fulfilment processes (order delivery/pickups) and customer relationships. Unlike other digital order fulfilment platforms, RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 provides on-demand access to delivery/pickup status, routing, and customer support information in an easy-to-use format right from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (coming soon)!

With an integrated driver app providing sign-on-glass and delivery/pickup geolocation recording capabilities, a portal for your customers to retrieve order completion confirmations (Proof of delivery) & configure notifications, you can significantly improve your customer experience while reducing cost through improved efficiency.

With RouteCTRL for Dynamics, you can create daily routes that are automatically or manually generated when new loads, sales orders or return orders are recorded. Setup custom search criteria for loads, sales orders or return orders so only loads meeting your needs will be included in the generation process. Use profile aware routing data for delivery routes that are suitable for trucks based on characteristics of each truck such as load capacity, legal weight limits etc. Monitor progress on routes in near real-time with dynamic map updates and send updates where required such as notifying drivers when they attempt deliveries that have been skipped or cancelled by another team member.

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