About Marklite

We are an Australian based firm that specializes in building

practical and reliable software solutions for niche enterprise applications.

At Marklite, our core values are centered around people – both our team members and our customers. We firmly believe that by putting people first, we can create software solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who are passionate about what they do.

Our Culture

Innovation: "Think Different, Do Better"

At our core, we prioritize the creation of an environment that fosters the recognition and reward of individuals for their innovative ideas and valuable contributions. We actively encourage experimentation, allocating resources and time for the exploration of new concepts. Moreover, we embrace failure as an integral part of the learning process, further nurturing a culture of growth and development.

Customer focus: "Customer Obsessed, Results Driven"

At Marklite, our utmost priority lies in putting customers first. We deeply understand their needs and desires, enabling us to develop software solutions that effectively address their unique challenges. In order to foster a customer-centric culture, we actively encourage feedback from our valued clients, actively implement their suggestions, and consistently seek their input.

Teamwork: "Together We Succeed"

Software development is a collaborative process, therefore we emphasize the importance of teamwork by fostering an environment of open communication, respect, and trust, where individuals feel valued and empowered to contribute with a priority on diversity and equity.

Agility: "Move Fast, Learn Faster"

In the fast-paced world of software development, being agile is essential. We embrace change, are adaptable to new technologies, processes, and markets, and are able to pivot when necessary. We, additionally, promote a culture of continuous improvement, emphasizing the need to constantly learn, adapt, and innovate.

Accountability: "Own Your Outcome"

Our team holds themselves and team members accountable for delivering quality work and achieving goals. Clear expectations and guidelines are in place, and all team members take ownership of their work. In effect, we promote transparency and open communication to track progress and address any issues that arise.

Integrity: "Honesty in Everything"

We uphold high ethical standards and demonstrate unwavering integrity in all aspects of our operations. We, particularly, prioritize transparency in our interactions with customers and stakeholders, fostering a culture of honesty and fairness. By doing so, we establish a strong foundation of compliance, in essence, ensuring meticulous adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

Technology Skills

Our Leadership Team

Mark Petzold

Co-Founder & CIO

With over 20 years of experience in software development, data integration, and digital transformation, Mark Petzold is a seasoned technology leader. Further, he brings a strategic mindset and a strong problem-solving ability, passionately driven by leveraging technology to fuel business growth.

Under Mark’s astute guidance and meticulous oversight of our technology strategy, we have full confidence in our ability to remain at the forefront of innovation. Consequently, this enables us to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Light Ndubuizu

Co-Founder & CTO

Light Ndubuizu is not only an accomplished technology leader and polyglot software developer but also brings deep expertise in software development, enterprise architecture, and cloud computing. Having received worldwide training, he is committed to harnessing technology to bring about positive change.

Under Light’s leadership, he takes on the responsibility of delivering our technology strategy and leading our dedicated technology team. By doing so, we ensure our capacity to provide cutting-edge solutions that not only bring value to our customers but also generate positive impact for our stakeholders.

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